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Invitation to the 22nd GeoIT Talks

Dear GeoIT.org Enthusiast,
you are invited to join the next upcoming GeoIT Talks event with focus on navigation and autonomous driving on Monday, 3rd of June at the Open Innovation Hub TheDrivery in Berlin.

Autonomous driving creates and uses with its sensors like camera, radar, ultrasonic and maybe lidar realtime captured spatial data and realtime AI processed driving instructions. Therefore „Autodrive“ can be considered after the following IT/GeoIT ages as our current technology cycle:

  • 1985-1995 PC/ 1990-2000 GIS,
  • 1995-2005 Internet/ 2000-2005/2010 Geowebinfrastructures with Google/HERE, OSM and (INSPIRE) SDI
  • 2005-2015 Mobile with Location Based Apps
  • 2015-2025 (?) Autodrive (!)

To move our association and its topics towards navigation and autodrive , we will have talks from the

The location TheDrivery is established as an Open Innovation Hub in March 2019 for new kinds of mobile transport and is situated in the known Ullsteinhaus in Berlin-Tempelhof.

Join us for this exciting topic and evening!

GeoIT.org Members: